Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Avoid a Student Health Hold

 It’s the first day to enroll.  You’ve planned and plotted to get the perfect schedule.  Classes are filling up fast… and you find out you can’t enroll because of a Student Health hold!  Suddenly your perfect plan deflates like a sad party balloon.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Did you know you can view your immunization record online to see if you are up to date with your requirements?  Log on to the KUMC Central Authentication Service with your usual KUMC ID and password.  You’ll be asked to enter your date of birth as an extra security measure.  Once you submit your consent and privacy forms, you can simply click “Immunizations” to see your record.  If any requirement has a red “x” beside it, it is missing or expired.
Student Health will send regular notifications via secure message if you have missing or expired requirements.  We make every effort to notify you before a hold is placed.  In fact, most holds are placed on students who have not read their secure messages, (yes, we can see if you have read your message or not!)  So if you receive a message with the subject line, “IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM STUDENT HEALTH, COUNSELING, EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT, OR ACCOMMODATIONS SERVICES” you should read it right away. 

New students have an automatic hold before classes begin to ensure that all health requirements are met.  If you are a new student, you can view your list of requirements by visiting this page on the Student Health website.  Follow the instructions to submit your health requirements.  It is never too early to send in your documents so that your hold can be released.
My name is Jennifer Blanck, RN, and I am always happy to hear from students and help in any way I can.  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions regarding your requirements.  My direct line is 913-588-2018.